Most Fun Birthday Party Ideas (2017) for Teens With Instructions

Teens celebrating a birthday party(updated in 2017) Coming out with teen birthday party ideas that special and fun is challenging.

In this modern day where the young people between 13 to 19 years old are more interested in the latest technology and trends, planning a birthday party that will delight these teens can be a difficult but yet interesting task.

Including those who are 20 years old, hence the unique group as tweens, here are 9 splendid birthday party ideas for teens that you should consider.

Remember: At Birthday Dino, we believe that birthdays are always a special event for many people, whether you are a teenager or a middle age person.

The birthday party doesn’t have to be the usual ‘cut cake and put off candles’ kind of activity. You can make it unique and even interesting by incorporating tips here in.

Movie Theme Birthday Party


There are a few different ways to have a movie theme birthday party for teens.

Going to the movies with your teenage friends is the easiest way – but do it with a twist: instead of going to the movies with your friends and random people who happen to want to see the same movie as you, ask for a private showing. This excellent indoor birthday idea will cost extra but it will also be an unforgettable entertainment experience having the whole room for just your group.

An relatively inexpensive option is creating your own outdoor cinema which will be the birthday party place for the teens. You could DIY by hanging a big sheet even in your backyard and rent a projector to project the film onto the sheet. In addition to the projector you would need a DVD player and speakers. If the birthday party is small, then you can scale down the size of the equipment to keep the cost manageable.

On a sidenote, if you need to plan for a birthday party for a 60th year old like mom or dad, you can consider this idea too and have a old Hollywood movie night!

Important checklist:
1) Movie posters to hang as decorating items to make the birthday venue like a cinema
2) Candy, popcorn and soda

Pokémon Go Birthday Party


For the fans of Pokémon Go, a party following that theme is a fun birthday ideas for teens!

Decorate with Pokéballs, balloons in the three colors of the three teams and serve cupcakes with toppers related to Pokémon that can be either handmade or store-bought.

For food idea, consider a birthday cake made into a certain Pokémon, for example Charmander with the candle at the end of its tail is also a great idea!

Since it is a Pokémon Go party a Pokémon hunt is a must; plan a outdoor route to follow with your friends or go to a certain location such as a park where many players frequent, set a lure and wait for the Pokémon to come to you!

Important checklist:
1) A cheat sheet featuring the popular Pokémon characters in case there are guests who are not familiar with the game

2) Recce the Pokémon route first to ensure that the route is safe e.g. sufficient lighting, not too deserted

Captivating Costume’s Party


Borrowing from the popular idea of Halloween, which participants wear various harrowing but fascinating costumes, you can incorporate a costume theme for the birthday to make it a fun party ideas for teens.

Possible birthday party themes include specific era like the Victorian period or Retro 80s period, popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and sports uniform like American Football theme.

Ask the guests to come in costumes tailored to the theme. The more fanciful the costumes, the more fun the birthday party will be.
Or to make it more convenient for everyone, check out the nearest costume rental store and borrow all the relevant attire so that the guests just need to come to the party venue and wear the clothes.

A costume party is also a cool birthday idea for 16 years old!

Important checklist:
1) Find out the interest of the birthday teenager e.g. certain computer game characters, TV shows, Retro period
2) Local costume store to rent the costumes.

80’s Themed Birthday Party


For fans of the 80’s this is a perfect birthday party theme for the teenagers! Ask your friends to come to the party in fancy dress according to the fashion of 1980’s to celebrate this occasion.

To encourage them, offer prizes for coolest make-up, the craziest hairdo or the most colorful outfit.

Decorate with neon colors, make a playlist of classic 80’s party songs including Cyndi Lauper’s party hit of the decade “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and serve colorful cupcakes among other yummy treats.

Plan a dance party as one of the activities for the night! The 80s period is still popular among people of all ages, making this an excellent tween birthday party idea!

Important checklist:
1) Popular songs from the 80s
2) 80s related prizes like cassette tape or Rubik’s Cube

A Video Game Party


Whether it is desktop games or casual smartphone games, teens are usually engaged in video games especially during their leisure time.

If the birthday teen is a diehard gamer, then you can transform the birthday celebration into a video game party. To up the level of excitement, arrange for prizes for the top winners for the various categories.

At the same time, the guests can mingle and relax in between the action packed programs. This is definitely among the most interesting teen boy birthday party ideas worth considering that is simple and easy to plan.

The advantage of organizing this type of birthday party is that you have the flexibility of keeping the cost cheap and can scale the party small if budget is a constraint. Video game is also one of the things to do for a bachelor party.

Important checklist:
1) Console game machines, if you are playing from laptop or desktop, ensure that there are sufficient monitors as playing from large screens are more enjoyable.
2) Multiple online accounts if the game is played via online sources.

Teenage Girls Slumber Party Cum Birthday Party


If you’re planning a party where all guests will be girls you can easily make it an unforgettable girls’ night in and a sleepover all in one!

Tell your guests to pack their essentials including for example a sleeping bag, clothes to sleep in, slippers or a stuffed animal. Decorate with stuffed animals, balloons, streamers and fairy lights.

A make-over with facial masks and doing your nails are an essential part of the party. As for entertainment you can play spin the bottle or Twister.

Definitely a fun birthday party idea for teen girls that is simple but yet awesome!

If you are also planning a birthday party for adult females age 30 and above, be bold and consider this concept too which is surely a creative 30th birthday party ideas for her! They ladies will definitely feel great reliving the times when they were in their sweet teens! It is also a recommended fun bachelorette party idea to consider!

Important checklist:
1) Inform guests to bring their sleepover essentials
2) Snacks to last through the night

Harry Potter Birthday Party Idea


If the teenager and friends are fans of the Harry Potter books or movies, organizing a birthday party in that theme is a fun idea!

The birthday party invitations can be sent out looking like the acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry stating details about the party. All guests may be asked to dress up according to the theme, and as they arrive they can be handed magic wands which you can either make yourself or buy from a store.

To create the feel of the Harry Potter world, the place of the party needs to be decorated accordingly: a DIY “Happy Birthday” banner made in the style of the Harry Potter font hung up on the wall, a photo-booth with props for guests to pose with for a photo, or a cutout version of the “Have you seen this wizard?” wanted poster for Sirius Black where the guests can pose are a must.

Drinks could be in bottles with creative nametags featuring names of the different potions from the movies, such as Felix Felicis or Veritaserum. Certainly a cool party ideas for teens!

Harry Potter birthday theme is also suitable for younger boy or girls, even first birthday ideas, especially if many of the guests are kids.

Important checklist:
1) List of local costume stores which offer Harry Potter costumes.
2) Set time beforehand to prepare the props.

Cycling Around The City


If the birthday teen loves physical activities, then you can plan something that combine sports and celebration. Consider organizing a cycling expedition with stimulating pit stops along the way like scenic views and food stalls serving delicious snacks to celebrate the birthday.

Ensure that the route is safe with sufficient space outdoor and that the difficulty level can match the participants cycling ability.

The end point of the cycling event will be the teen’s birthday venue for the main celebration.Prepare gifts for everyone who took part in the cycling event.

Teens have abundant energy and enthusiasm, organizing such a unique birthday party will sure be a memorable event for all.

Important checklist:
1) Nearest Bicycle Rental Shop
2) Note those who do not cycle and ensure that they have food and activities to take part in at the end point birthday party venue.

A Chef’s Night


Most teens are still living with their parents at this stage and probably are still honing their culinary skills. Why not consider a cooking birthday theme for the teens?

As such, cooking may be an intriguing adventure which the invited teenagers may like too.

Set up cooking stations at the birthday party venue which the guests can make their own food.

Suitable food idea cooking stations include spaghetti (a few spaghetti sauces and multiple ingredients to select), sandwich (a wide variety of ingredients to mix) and ice-cream (assorted flavor with numerous topping choices) corner.

Ultimately, remember to make the cooking simple and easy so that the birthday teen and his friends do not feel overburdened.

Important checklist:
1) Caterer that offers live cooking station
2) Inform the guests beforehand that they will need to cook some of their food

Bottom Line

Planning a birthday party teens can seem like a difficult job to do, but if you know the birthday boy or girl’s well and let your mind get creative it can be easy and fun!

We hope our ideas for planning a teen’s birthday party will help you will be able to throw a great party that is fun for the birthday girl or guy – you – as well as the guests! If you want more related birthday ideas, check out our article on best 18th birthday party ideas here!

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