Most Fun (2017) and Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

(updated in 2017)
Are you considering throwing a baby gender reveal party for your family and friends? If so, consider these different gender reveal ideas and be sure that everyone will have a great time.

Whether you are looking for “it’s a girl announcement ideas” or a “it’s a boy announcement ideas”, we have the ways and ideas explained. Regardless of the theme or games, the most easy thing to do is to use colors to distinguish the sex of the baby – pink for girl and blue for boy. As these are traditional colors that everyone are familiar with, we highly recommend that you stick to these 2 colors and not experiment with other colors that may cause confusion.

How To Plan A Gender Reveal Party And Checklist

Detailed preparation and organization is crucial to ensure success when you throw any party, whether it is bachelor party planning or planning a 50th birthday party.

– The key aspect when planning the event is choosing the theme or the object that you want to use to announce the gender of the baby. Most of the planning then revolves around this theme or object. Check out our various ways below to help you with the reveal, find a suggestion that suit you and your spouse preference. Also note if the reveal party is just for family and siblings, or friends and other guests.

– Next is to come out with a checklist. This is important so that you will not miss out on anything significant. The check list includes the budget, the latest date you have to confirm the venue, the guest list, party favors and things that you need to buy for the party games.

– Gender reveal party decoration. Buy all the decorating items to make the venue lively and create a fun atmosphere. Items includes cute balloons, banners and wall stickers. The décor has to match the party theme. Also, decide if you would like to play some music in the background. If yes, prepare the song list and test the sound system beforehand.

– The theme should inspire the choice of food and drinks. Set a deadline to finalize the guest list so that you know the number of pax to prepare or cater the food.

– Remember to store good memories of the event by getting a friend or family member to video record and take pictures of the party. These records will be added to the future birthday parties of the baby

Check out our fun and creative ideas for the best baby gender reveal ideas! Most of our activities can incorporate games into it so that the guests and family members can have a fun time. For more party ideas, check out the home page here.

Surprise Box Full of Blue or Pink Balloons – The Perfect Gender Reveal Box Idea

One really great way to kick things off with a surprise theme is to decorate a big box full of balloons. Before the party starts, entrust a few family members or friends with the gender of the baby and say that you want to do the reveal by opening a box of balloons at the party. Then, have them pick up balloons in the appropriate gender color (blue for boy and pink for girl) to fill the box with after blowing them up. This will be the perfect setup for the reveal as it’s all contained in a box that everyone can gather around to see.

The day of the party, you and your significant other can prepare to open the box after first catching up with friends and family. One really great outdoor place to do this, if the weather allows for it, is outside in the backyard. Have everyone gather around after the cookout to watch you and your spouse open the box to the true surprise. As the balloons fly out in either a mass of blue or pink balloons, this will be a fun experience to remember.

Cupcake or Cake Reveal Party

Another really great way to have a creative gender reveal idea is involving food. What better way to do this than with desert! If you choose to go this route, consider doing it with cupcakes. Either place an order with a bakery or have a friend bake for you, but regardless, entrust a friend or family with the gender information from your doctor.

Once ordered, the cupcakes will be created with a special frosting and style, but the interior will be either blue or pink cake. Once everyone gathers around your dining room in the house, or outdoors on the back patio if it is nice, they can take a bite at the same time and find out the gender. This is a cute and delicious way to do a reveal!

As one unique twist, this can also be done with a full cake. Consider having the baker create an all white frosting vanilla cake, but on the interior, fill it with blue or pink chocolate candies. They will spill out when you cut the cake and know the surprise! Definitely a cool idea for the gender announcement!

Video Animation on Social Media – Fun and Creative Reveal Idea

In this age of social media, why not consider a unique way to reveal the gender by making use of this platform with this creative and cool idea.

Before the party, hire a freelance video animator and create a video and then post it on social media when the time is right to announce to everyone the gender of your baby. Or play the animation with a projector.

The video can be a whiteboard animation or a full colored show. The contents of the video can be how life has changed after marriage and the joy when you and your spouse know about the pregnancy. Showcase the preparations you have made to your house to welcome this little joy. At the end of the video, surprise everyone with a picture of a baby boy or girl and they will be amazed on how you manage to include the gender of the baby seamlessly into this video animation!

Gender Reveal Game Idea – Surprise Pinata

If you want to spice up the reveal with a bit of a game, consider ordering a gender reveal pinata for the party. Once ordered, the pinata can be filled with either pink or blue candies depending on the baby gender. You and your spouse can take a turn to whack the pinata and get it to drop the candies. This is a fun way to show your passion to yourself and others that you really want to know the baby’s gender and are willing to do anything to care for it and find out.

Treasure Hunt With Prank For A Funny Party Idea

If the venue where the party is held is large and have outdoor spaces, consider having a game which all the guests can play and participate in. Split the guests into a few groups. Give them clues to specific locations which will then lead them to another location. If there are enough manpower, have a station master at each location for the guest to perform some interesting activities to get the next clue. When the first team finally reach the last location, they will find a treasure box and inside will be a soft toy that shows if the baby is a boy or girl.

To make the treasure hunt a funny gender reveal theme, make some of the clues extremely difficult to redirect them to a wrong location. At the wrong location, there will be a snake in a can which seems like the treasure can. The guests will get a good laugh when they find out that they are pranked as the snakes jump at them! Treasure hunt is also one of the best toddler birthday party ideas which kids will love!

Baby Unwrap

If you want to get a head start on ordering clothing, consider doing an unwrapping in front of party guests for the boy or girl reveal idea. In order to do this, go with your significant other to a clothing store and pick an outfit out for the baby; one girl and one boy. Then take both items to the store clerk and ask them to wrap the one outfit in accordance with the gender.

You will need to hand them a copy of the gender in an envelope so they know which outfit to wrap. Once returned, put it in a safe location until the day of the party when you and your spouse unwrap the outfit in front of your friends and family. If you plan to reveal it with siblings, then ask the siblings to be involve in the unwrapping. This idea is suitable if you intend to throw a just a small party for a cosy gathering.

Bedroom Painting – Unique Gender Reveal Party Game

This unique party game can be very fun but may require your guests to know beforehand, or you can have them play along. Your new baby will have a room which will need painted. You could ask a friend or two or some family to paint the room either blue or pink depending on the gender of the baby.

On the day of the reveal at the party, have all of the guests, including the couple, put on a blindfold. Your friends or family who painted the room for you will then lead them upstairs to the room where everyone gathers around in the middle and in the center. Then, when everyone is situated, count to three and remove the blindfolds for the reveal. Everyone will be super excited to know together and can see it in person in the same room.

Vote Pink!..or Blue!

Another fun game to play at the party is get everyone involved is hold an election at your party. As guests arrive to your party, direct them over to a table where they can cast their votes in a box using either pink or blue ballots.

They can write their names on them and a memorable note that you can then later turn into a collage on your wall. Once cast, you can then have the actual results revealed by opening the final “ballot” in front of everyone. This is a fun way to get people guessing as they get ready to reveal the baby. This is a simple idea to announce the baby gender – easy to plan which also makes it suitable for a last minute party idea.

Creating a Simple And Cool Website

Wouldn’t it be cool if a baby has a website that is built specially for him or her? Why not be a step ahead and have this website built as part of your awesome gender reveal idea.

Ask a trusted friend who has website design skill to build a simple and pleasant website. Or if you know how to build a free website using WordPress, it will be even better. Include cute graphics and images of babies to decorate the site. From the home page, add 2 button links, one directing the visitors to a baby boy page and the other to a baby girl page. The correct gender page will have all the nice animation and wording.

While hosting the party, when you are ready to announce the gender, give the visitors the URL of the home page for them to surf on their smartphone. Let them decide which button they want to click on. Those who guess correctly will be given a small gift as a show of appreciation. This is certainly an original gender reveal idea.

If privacy is a concern, add a password so that only people who are given the password can view the website.

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