Most Fun (2017) and Top Bachelorette Party Ideas

(updated in 2017) Many girls want their bachelorette party ideas to be unique, special, and never to be forgotten. For that reason, they usually opt for interesting, but rarely seen parties, the ones that are beautiful, interesting and meaningful at the same time.

Besides the theme there are several other things to consider, like the bachelorette party decorations, party gifts and games which can make the planning tricky.

How To Plan A Bachelorette Party

Your friend or loved one is getting married and she has assigned you with an important task – plan a bachelorette party that is great and awesome!

This is a huge task that you have to undertake as the success of the party is highly based on the bride-to-be’s and her guests’ preferences, though it’s largely based on the bride, as you need to plan it to her preferences.

To give you a less stressful planning process, you need to consider a few factors and organize the bachelorette or stagette party based on them:

• Her lifestyle – sedentary or active. Plan a cosier setting with setups which have more seating or cosy corners if she is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Inject more activities and if possible, outdoor party games, if she is leading a active lifestyle.

• Her social character – is she an introvert or extrovert. If she is an introvert, a more intimate setting with a few of her close friends will be an ideal party for her. If she is an extrovert, she will love a big party with more guests mingling around – the more the merrier.

• Her level of reception to certain games or party ideas – this can be assessed on how she is currently handling her life – is she an open minded person or is she a serious and no joke lady. If she is an open minded person, you can tease her with more exotic games and mature party ideas. If she is a serious and prim and proper lady, do refrain from wild ideas and plan more clean and tame games.

Bachelorette Party Checklist

Based on the above, which sets the theme and tone of the bachelorette’s party, please check out this quick bachelorette party checklist:

• List of invitees – ensure that you have verified with the bride-to-be on this list, so that you will not miss out any guests, or invite any unwanted guests
• Determine a theme – based on the above mentioned factors
• Location booking – shortlist a few locations, based on the factors listed above and let her choose her preferred choice. Do check out if deposit needs to be paid in advance to secure the booking and know of any housekeeping rules stipulated by the location. This is to ensure that the party decoration, food and games for the party do not contravene the venue’s regulations
• Decoration of location – use the theme, the bride-to-be’s favourite colors and other likes as a guiding factor
• Food – do take note of the bride-to-be and guests special dietary requirements if any
• Games – types of games depend on her character
• Entertainment – depends on the theme and the bride-to-be’s hobbies and interest
• Goody bags – do check out her budget, and have goody bags that are aligned to the theme of the party

If you are a bride-to-be and you still have no idea where to spend your last night as a bachelorette, we bring you several suggestions with cool stagette party ideas or hen party ideas. Our ideas are all clean, fun and easy to plan! Check out our homepage for more party ideas!

Pole Dancing Party – Have A Sexy Night

Pole dancing party might sound crazy but that is what your bachelorette party should be anyway. Pole dancing is a true art and it is not as easy as you might think, trust me. And your girlfriends and you will surely have the time of your life, plus your future partner will be very happy to see what you have learned.

All you need for this unique bachelorette party idea is a professional trainer and perhaps some sexy costumes. But don’t get too thrilled because you don’t want to get hurt just before the big day.

For the bachelorette party decorations, add beautiful balloons with words “Bride To Be“ and “Before I Saying I Do” around the dancing area to create a fun atmosphere.

Craft Party – Let’s Make Something Useful

Well, this might be not only a fun but also very useful experience. Marriage requires many skills and your bachelorette party can be non traditional which can be a nice start to learn a new skill.

For example, you can arrange a cooking class so that you are sure you and your partner don’t starve to death. Or maybe you can take a cocktail class and make your future parties even better.

And if that is not your choice then maybe you can take a class in something more creative such as painting wine glasses or making some other decorations. You and the guests, which may include your bridesmaid, will have a low key bachelorette party that is original and tasteful!

Nashville, TN – Cool Bachelorette Party Destination

The most popular bachelorette party destination spot in the USA right now is without a doubt Nashville. Nashville, or also known as music city, is such an iconic town to visit for a variety of reasons. The bar scene is very popular with iconic locations such as Tootsies and the Stage, and come with a great set of live entertaining music. So grab your gal friends and head down to Broadway to hop from one honkey tonk to the next on a weekend night, and you sure will have a great time!

During the day, you will have an endless amount of locations to visit. We highly recommend taking a backstage tour of the Ryman Auditorium downtown, where you can learn about where some of the nation’s most famous musicians performed their first live shows. A trip to Nashville cannot be complete without a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame as well. Finally, for the Bachelorette and her friends who like to live it up during the day, do not forget to go on a pedal bike tour of the city complete with booze.

A bachelorette getaway party in Nashville is surely an awesome one that you and your friends will never forget!

Bungee Jumping – Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas Just For The Girls

In case you would rather choose a day full of adrenaline and fun for your bachelorette party, we suggest you take your girls to bungee jumping. Not only will you be scared to death, but your day will also be filled with a lot of laughter, positive emotions, and of course, pride, because you have been brave enough to jump.

After each of you survived the flight from a very high tower or bridge, you can have a couple of drinks in a nearby pub or club. In this way, you will have the time to hang out and chitchat. The additional plus point about this party idea is that you do not have to worry about conventional things like bachelorette party dresses – all you need your gal pals to wear is their most comfortable sports attire!

Pyjama Party – Old School Bachelorette Party Theme Which Is Somehow Forgotten

Doing an activity that you and your girls have done many times, probably ever since you were little is a great way to end up your bachelorette days. Therefore, just invite a bunch of your best girlfriends, tell them to bring their pyjamas, and organise the best party in your home.

Buy some snacks, pizza, alcohol and of course, wear your pyjamas. You can play some bachelorette party games, organise a karaoke and just have the best night in your lives with this fun and cheap bachelorette party idea.

Winery Tour and Dinner

If you and your friends enjoy wine, why not consider a scenic winery tour of the local vineyard in your town? Most vineyards offer a combination tour with a wine tasting led by an instructor on the property. Usually, you and your bachelorette party guests will get a choice of multiple wines to sample, along with an understanding of the history of the wine and excellent food pairing options with that type of wine. This is an excellent way to sample a variety of red and white wines in a day.

Afterwards, attend a winery tour where they showcase their storage areas and the process to go about making wine. Usually, this wraps up with a tour of the vineyard where you can stroll through and see the grape vines and become educated on the variety of grapes in the vineyard. These are also excellent ways to learn about the history of the family that owned the vineyard and how it progressed amongst generations. ‘

Finally, after the day at the vineyard, consider wrapping up the evening with a dinner out with this unconventional wine themed bachelorette party.

Road Trip – Visit Your Favourite Destination

Who says that bachelorette or bachelor party ideas have to last just one day? For an amazing outdoor idea, take a few days free and gather up your girlfriends. Just pack up several necessary things and hump into the car. Road trips are always cool, no matter how old you are. Plus, you never know what new adventures you might come up to during the ride.

It will be a great chance to catch up with your friends and bring back some memories as well. But try not to get too crazy and forget about your wedding day, so be sure to return home in time.

Yacht Tour – One Of The Best Bachelorette Party Idea

If you’re up for some fun in the sun, consider having your girl group rent out a yacht. With this brings so many fun possibilities. First, you can all feel like you’re living a luxurious lifestyle on a yacht. Second, enjoy the drinks and fun in the sun as you get a guided tour across a beautiful stretch of water.

Opt for a package that will allow you to swim underwater through coral reefs, or even to do deep sea fishing. These are really fun ways to get a great experience doing something awesome with your girlfriends. The beauty of this idea that it combines both fun outdoor experience with the flexibility of an indoor option. Those who are inside the yacht can chill first or help to prepare some simple bachelorette party games like truth or dare and poker.

Camping – A Night Under The Stars

When you hear the word ‘camping’, it somehow always considers men to be around. You need to put up your tent, to set the fire, or just have the feeling you are safe. However, outdoor camping is an excellent option for a unique bachelorette party. Just gather your favourite girlfriends, and organise a lovely hangout in some picnic area. The girls will be together, spending a night in nature, under the stars. But what is more special with this inexpensive party idea is that the whole group will have some kind of a special bond, and the precious moments can be captured through a session of photos. Camping under the stars is also great 60th birthday ideas for mum or 50th birthday ideas for women!

As for the bachelorette decoration ideas, since you will be outdoors, get shiny silver banners with words “Bride To Be” and “Put A Ring To It“. Hang them across trees or between tents to make the venue a special place to celebrate your last few days before marriage.

Spa Day and Dinner

If you and the girls are looking to explore a relaxing environment for everyone, why not consider a spa day retreat for a relaxing bachelorette party idea. Spas are excellent for women to relax, catch up with each other, and have all the tension sap away. It is also an excellent birthday party idea for tween girls!

Consider packages that allow all the girls to do at least one activity together, coupled with their chance to pick their own activity such as a massage. You and your friends will truly enjoy the relaxing experience of a spa day. Consider going to dinner and drinks afterwards to wrap up the day out.

Bachelorette Slumber Cum Feasting Party

Are you and/or your girlfriends on a tight budget and need a party that is affordable and simple? Looking for alternative bachelorette party ideas besides the usual? If so, consider doing something local and at home. You could host a slumber party at your place. This is also a very safe option where everyone can spend the night and not go anywhere late.

One fun and easy party idea is to have everyone over and either grab dinner out or make different foods for dinner. For this hen party, you could have all the girls bring a dinner or dessert item to share with everyone. If during the summer, this would be great to sit on the back deck with some margaritas. If inside, consider building a fire in the fireplace and roasting marshmallows after dinner. Afterwards, turn on a movie or two and just enjoy the fun of relaxing your friends in a comfortable environment.

Casino Night out

Up for a little local adventure? Why not consider checking out the casino for a great bachelorette weekend idea.

This is a fun alternative to traditional bachelorette party night outs. You can get dressed up and head downtown to jump in some table games while grabbing some drinks at the bar. It’s a really great chance to just let go and enjoy the time out with this good party idea.

Have The Most Fun Stagette Party

Almost every girl’s dream is to find a prince charming and to have the loveliest wedding ceremony ever. That is why girls start thinking and planning their wedding at least 1 year ahead. They carefully choose the dress, the place for the ceremony, the bridesmaids, the flowers, and every little detail that can be chosen even before they meet their future husband.

But they rarely think about bachelorette party, and very often brides-to-be have doubts when it comes to organising this, equally important event. Hence we hope this article can help you to come out with the top bachelorette party ideas that are easy, fun and creative! We have other articles like baby gender reveal ideas and party theme ideas for 16 years old that you can check it out now!

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