Most Fun and Clean (2020) Bachelor Party Ideas

(updated in 2020) Are you searching for clean bachelor party ideas or stag party for your friend?

Planning an event to celebrate the farewell from most of the bachelor things he did his whole life? However, you are not in the mood to organize events involving strippers or other activities that you will regret later when his future wife finds out.

Good news.

We have come out with a list of clean bachelor party idea that includes non drinking ideas, party themes that are sober, fun, inexpensive and memorable.

Well, there are many other ways of having the best bachelor party ever – all you need is a little bit of imagination. Our party ideas include classy to non-drinking ones, from unconventional to the fun ones in Vegas – all that the groom to be will surely enjoy!

The quick last minute bachelor party checklist:

• Theme of party, considering the interest/hobbies of the bachelor
• Booking of venue
• Decoration of venue
• Food and drinks, consider the alcohol tolerance level the bachelor
• Plan activities to suit the personality of the bachelor
• Come out with the guest list and let him vet through
• At least 3 games with forfeit
• Prepare several funny bachelor game questions for the groom to be to answer
• Party decorations to match the theme and venue

Check out our clean bachelor party ideas below that cover various bachelor party themes and locations.

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Play Station or Xbox Night

Many guys love video games, although we play less when we grow older, how many of us still remember the good old times when playing video games was the most exciting activity.

Hence, why not enjoy your last night as a free man with your friends, beers, some food and of course – video games. Even if you are outdoor person, you do not have to play football or other highly physical games in the field, particularly because you do not want to injure yourself before the wedding, right?

So, get yourself a few joysticks and challenge your whole crew and have a great bachelor evening without any risk of serious injuries with this cool idea. An appropriate last minute party idea too that is easy to plan and tame if you are running out of time.

Paintball – Why Not For A Cool Bachelor Party Idea

Men can do so many crazy and fun things – you just have to be creative, even if you have to plan non-alcoholic party ideas. For instance, bachelor party can involve clean games that you and all your friends enjoy doing, or you enjoyed doing while you were younger.

To go back several years in past, some of you would choose paintball as one of your favourite games and activities. That is why reviving your memories through paintball game will make you understand how awesome your life was, and how great friends you had in your life.

The whole group will again be together, divided into two teams, and each member of the opponent team will want to shoot only one man – the groom. So, are you brave enough to try your luck with this fun bachelor party game? An ideal birthday party idea for tweens too!

Karaoke Competition Bachelor Party Theme In Your Favourite Bar

You and your friends must have had a favorite place for gathering, the place where you drink coffee and beer frequently. That is a place where some of your dearest moments happened, where many birthday parties occurred, and where all the good things about friendship came about.

Hence, if you have such a bar, then it will be among the best places to organize a chill bachelor party. Include karaoke competition and have the time of your remaining bachelor life with these incredible people.

Weekend Camping Trip

Are you and your buddies outdoor enthusiasts? If so, consider a weekend camping trip to create an outdoor adventure bachelor party. What we would recommend is organize the location and meeting point ahead of time. If you have a great campgrounds site in your area, that would be an excellent and easy option. Make sure you prepare your checklist of everything you will need including tents for everyone, coolers for food and drinks, fire starter kits and burn approval documentation, water, clothes, folding chairs and toiletries.

Camping theme is fun and relaxing for everyone. It would be great to start a fire at your campsite, open a few drinks, and grill some excellent food around the fire on a beautiful summer night. Not the typical bachelor party your hear about in the news but camping is something that almost every guy would enjoy.

Celebrate on A Boat

The bachelor would like to have a bachelor celebration with his friends away from the hustle and bustle of his daily life and environment, preferably out of town. However, some of his friends are not able to travel out of town due to personal and work commitments. For such a situation, planning a partying on a yacht will be a fantastic idea.

If the budget permits, you can plan a list of fun activities on the boat in a fully staffed chartered yacht. You may even hire a deejay to keep the music playing in the background keeping the guests entertained throughout the party, Have a buffet spread of snacks and beverages throughout the day, so that the guests can nibble and bond over food.

Ensure the highlight of the boat party, which is at night, is planned with some male bonding activities and decorated with awesome lighting to celebrate the bachelor’s last night of freedom.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Take the bachelor party to the next level with virtual reality games, bringing the bachelor and guests to places and embark on adventures that are not possible in reality. Also a great last minute bachelor party idea, choose a virtual reality venue which has the game themes that they will enjoy.

After the rounds of virtual reality games, plan a party which include some entertainment games, food and drinks to create memorable experience.

Hence, It is also recommended to choose a venue which offers other facilities, such as a private party room, buffet meals and drinks corner, which enable the guests to party and chill over food and drink after the adrenaline rush resulted from the fun and mind altering games.

ATV / Dirt Bike Adventure

Planning a clean and sober bachelor party filled with adventure and partying with a two-day adventure tour which includes a riding tour of ATV or Dirt bikes on mountain trails of your choice.

Start the day with a riding tour, enjoying the spectacular views. After a day of physically tiring but fun event, arrange a more relaxing night activity. Have quality male bonding time over scrumptious dinner at a fine dining restaurant, connecting with one another over conversations.

If the guests love nightlife, end the night by painting the town red at night and spend the night at a hotel.

Rent a Farm House

A slight offshoot from camping, consider organizing a weekend getaway to a farm house which is an affordable bachelor party destination. This is quickly becoming a very popular idea among guys for bachelor parties. More and more people are using websites like or, among others, to locate a variety of places to stay while away. Farmers are renting out guest houses on their property for weekend retreats.

Rent a farmhouse, and have someone be responsible for bringing drinks. Then have everyone else bring a main food item. One great thing to do to be set for the weekend is to bring two crockpots and order beef from the farmhouse (a lot of places actually let you do this ahead of time for large get together). Then, bring all the ingredients and spend the entire day smoking the meat in the crockpot. Once ready in the evening, enjoy it over the fire you have going in the backyard. Don’t forget to bring frisbees, footballs, and volleyballs to play while hanging out with everyone.

Poker Night

If going to Las Vegas for casino games is not feasible, just buy a few decks and chips, some cigars and (more than) a few bottles of whisky. You can even get a green tablecloth too if you want to make the environment more authentic.

Just make sure your poker face does not betray you. Maybe you should practice a bit before your friends arrive. A suitable last minute bachelor party idea that is easy to plan! In addition, if you need to organize the party at home, then this is an excellent theme to consider! Also Prepare some funny game questions for the groom to be to answer to liven up the atmosphere.

Brew Party with Groom to Be at a Craft Beerhouse

In today’s world, craft beer is exceptionally popular among guys in their 20s or 30s. However, the craft beer scene is really popular for people of all ages. One great bachelor party idea would be to take you and your friends to a craft beer house for a tour and brewing experience.

Usually, the craft beer house will take you and your friends to the back to see the distillers with a guide who gives you insight into how the beer is made. On the tour, they generally let you sample your beer as well as you walk around and experience the brewery. When finished, head to the back as they give you ingredients and let you mix and make your own unique craft brew in house.

Afterwards, go grab some excellent food at the brewery or in a restaurant nearby. Usually it takes a couple of weeks and then you go back and pick up your craft beer. This is a fun and unique way to experience a bachelor party. Visiting a beer house is also a great 30th birthday party idea for men!

Sports Activities

Hot dogs, beers and sports, that is all most of men need to be happy. Well, once you get married all of that will become a less common activity as you need to spend more time with your wife.

Therefore, plan ahead first and use the time you still have to make a real party. Your friends will like it and so will you. Hence, what is stopping you to make it real? There is no need for any special planning since everything can be arranged in half an hour or less, making it a simple idea to plan.

Sports like football, basketball and cycling requires basic equipment which can be rented easily. And all your sports fanatics friends are gonna be thrilled with this brilliant and cheap bachelor party idea.

University Weekend Tour

Interested in reliving your times on campus? Why not gather all your college buddies and do a university tour to make it a unique bachelor party. This would be a great way to reminisce your good times in college with your friends, not just at the bar, but also at football games, class, club activities and many more while keeping the cost of planning the stag party affordable.

One really great idea would be to also do an entire weekend back on campus. Be creative – attend your school’s football or basketball game with your friends. You could also attend alumni events and give back to your university. Finally, feel free to visit and go on a bar tour of all your favorite bars and restaurants on campus.

Travel to a Fun Destination

Are you and your buddies experienced travelers or up for a bachelor trip out of town? If so, consider doing a group getaway trip with the guys to a fun city that no one lives in. This is a very common thing to do with both guys and girls for bachelor or bachelorette party ideas.

One great, and often famous destination, is Las Vegas (of course, what’s a bachelor party article without Vegas, which is one of the best places to hold such a stag party)! Famously dubbed “America’s Playground”, you will find everything that you could ever dream of having here to do. Most of the guys will want to go check out the casino scene, with slots and table games. But don’t forget that there are are other sites to see such as the Hoover Dam and a variety of shows. There are plenty of ways to mix up the nightlife scene apart from casinos or bars in order to keep everyone happy.

If Vegas is not your scene, consider Nashville Tennessee as another option for the bachelor weekend. If you and your buddies love good live music, Nashville will not disappoint and is one of the best place for the stag party! Nashville has a great selection of bars that all have live up and coming country and rock music artists. With such an amazing music theme for the bachelor party, simply wander down Broadway street and stroll in and out, try a drink, listen to some music, and move on to the next. With the country music hall of fame, the Ryman Auditorium, and excellent breakfast options this fun southern town will not disappoint in any way.

Picnic With A Barbecue

Your bachelor party does not necessarily have to be organized at night. It can, for a change, be a pleasant daytime outdoors, with nice people, food and drinks.

Gather all your mates, best friends, brothers and colleagues on a picnic with only one goal – to celebrate the bachelor party in a low key manner – means only one: a great time with an extraordinary company. We suggest somewhat peaceful variant – a picnic in your backyard if you prefer to have the party at home. You can always liven up the atmosphere with bright and colorful bachelor party decorations.

Whether you are thinking of 50th birthday celebration ideas or 60th birthday party themes, having a bbq is generally well-received concept. Bring barbecue, buy a lot of meat, and even more beer. Excellent time is guaranteed, especially if your friends know you well and have a great sense of humour.

Hiking Excursion

If you want to rough it out while having an inexpensive bachelor party idea, consider a hiking excursion to a national park in the US or your home country. There are so many incredible options such as Zion, Bryce Canyon or Arches.

If you and your bachelor party are up for it, try exploring one of the options as it will be an experience you will all remember. If you want to stick more local, consider organizing an all day hiking trip in your area along some great trails. Once done, head back to the house and have everyone shower / get ready before going out to dinner and drinks in the night.

Planning A Bachelor Party And Bachelor Party Checklist

If you not the person getting married and is the one planning this party instead, first consider the appropriate bachelor party theme. To know how to do this, think about the bachelor’s interests or hobbies.

Does he like the outdoors or prefer a more cosy indoor setting. The venue chosen will depend greatly on this.

Is he a heavy or light drinker? If he is a light drinker, ensure that you and the buddies do not force too much alcohol onto him. We have recommended several sober bachelor party ideas.

Do also consider his personality – is he a wild or a more passive person. For the former, you can plan out more outrageous games and you can be sure he will enjoy it. If he is a more introvert and passive, you have to plan games that will not go overboard according to his standard. After all, it is his night and the most important thing is that he enjoys himself.

Come out with a list of guest first. Then ask him directly if this list is okay and if there are anyone he wants to include or exclude. This is crucial as you do not want someone he does not like to attend this party.

Plan at least 3 games or activities to keep everyone occupied during the party. Include card games, mini-obstacle activities, guessing games and more. List down the forfeits too.

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