Most Fun And Interesting (2020) 50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Ideas(updated in 2020) So your friend or family member is turning 50 and you are looking for great 50th birthday party ideas to surprise him in celebrating the occasion with great gusto and favor.


Your ideas ought to be different. After all, considering this prized, coveted and priceless moment, your innovation and out of the box thinking approach can actually produce the spark for the birthday boy/girl.

Just imagine. 

No matter how old you are, you still can celebrate your birthday including when you are fifty years old. But, the concept of your birthday celebration will be different from teenagers’ birthday idea or a 30th birthday party idea.

Check out Birthday Dino’s list of ideas to celebrate this milestone birthday!

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Theme Based Party

Check this out:

You would love to make birthday boy or girl, re-live the times of yesteryear by going back to the era of 50’s, right on his/her birthday party. Isn’t it? A surprise celebration of this kind potentially transforms the time the birthday person has grown up with. Even though the birthday party recipient is not born in the 1950s, having such a 50th birthday theme idea is refreshing and interesting.

Attires will constitute 50’s era with guys dressed in white t-shirts, motorcycle jackets (or cardigan sweaters) and studded boots while for girls the dress code can be poodle skirts and pony tails.

That’s not all.

Accessories such as scarves which girls used as part of their decorative item on their hair or around their neck can follow suit as well. It is then followed by funky sunglasses, which will cherish the times worth being spent.

Add Fun Elements

An awesome surprise 50th birthday idea, you can hire an Elvis impersonator for adding a fun element to the party with rub tickling jokes enhancing the fun element of the party. Parties and sumptuous cuisines go together. This can be a suitable birthday idea for dad if the 50 year old is into pure fun and entertainment.

You can do 50’s dinner where you can serve shakes, hamburgers, banana shakes etc. The theme can be complemented with oldies music; after all it is the milestone birthday party. Adding such entertaining elements in a party only adds to the much needed charisma.

Optionally, you can hire a birthday party event organizer to make it happen. Your friends and family will feel happy because your party is really different and outstanding. This theme is a fabulous birthday for husband if he loves the outdoor.

Ensuring Camaraderie Gets To Its Peak

Put the names of people who have been famous (it gets even more interesting, if they are infamous) on a paper and pin on the back of guests. A funny birthday party idea, the participants will be rotating to ask about their identity (as depicted by the pinned paper behind their back).

One can only answer in “Yes” or “No”. Here, to make it worth interesting and exciting, we would suggest you to prefer names that are easy to be pronounced and remembered for this fun party.

Cooking Theme Birthday Party Idea

Celebrating a birthday party can be held simply in the home kitchen. Make the party cool and special by having a cooking session as the party theme.

Share some cooking ideas with the guests and create the healthiest and delicious meals. The food will be piping hot as they are served right from the kitchen! Certainly an over the hill celebration idea. Cooking or grilling tool set are also a great 40th birthday gift idea too.

Outdoor Birthday Party Theme

Most of the birthday parties are held indoor with a mainstream concept. For a unique 50th birthday party idea, consider an outdoor birthday party theme.

Sounds good? 

To begin with, you can choose the place that you really want like having a birthday party in a park, at a beach, the backyard of your house, front yard, on a golf course, and much more.

For example, suppose the birthday falls during autumn period, the weather is slightly cold, which is a perfect time and condition to hold a campfire.

That’s it. Now for the decoration idea, beautify your back or front yard with simple fairy lights and streamers. In the middle of the yard, make a circle with some rocks, put several logs or twigs, and then ignite it. There you will have one enjoyable and heartwarming autumn birthday party with everyone you love.

Optionally, you can hire a birthday party event organizer to make it happen. Your friends and family will feel happy because your party is really different and outstanding. This theme is a fabulous birthday for husband if he loves the outdoor.

Creative Showcase of His Achievement

This is a suitable 50th birthday party idea for men.

Invite the birthday boy to your house, but right before him, prepare a path (lined sideways with garden stakes) up to your house door with the best memories and achievements of every year of him by writing down on a paper.

Erect 9 such golden memories. Now, finally as you are going to answer his door bell, prominently display the last garden stake with his name, “X’s surprise Birthday Party!”

Man Only Birthday Party Idea

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

It must be fun to mingle with old friends when you were in high school and want to remember some nostalgic moments with them. But, you have to make it special by inviting only male friends.

With this awesome 50th birthday idea for men, you can use this important occasion with the all male time, where the birthday boy can enjoy the night along with friends and have some chit-chat, talking about business, eating, and drinking.

Though the birthday boy is getting older and wiser, there is still time to meet old friend and talk about life, family and the future. This can be the best birthday party ever that he will never forget. If you are planning a party for a family member it is also a wonderful 60th birthday ideas for dad.

Make Use Of Old Age Photos

A cool 50th birthday party idea for female, you can compile a list of “never seen before photos” of the birthday girl. Yes, “naughtier”, the better. They may be from childhood days with lips dotted with bread jam or during the time when she was dancing in the school’s function. These photos will run on a screen.

For a person who is into 50’s witnessing the list of such photos amongst the gathering of her friends, will indeed turn out to be a blessing in disguise, especially when she least expected that such a party is actually on her way.

Write 50 Things “You Love About Her” – Birthday Idea For Wife

Your surprise party authenticates the extent of love and camaraderie which you have for your wife who is celebrating her fiftieth birthday. Now, reciprocate the love, respect and care by writing down 50 things you love about her.

Write them in a piece of paper, cut each list only to hide them in different parts of the house. Through this surprising birthday idea, you can actually see the extent of smiles which she bears, while she searches from all corners of the house.

Invite Friends Of Yesteryear’s

Fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Let us not forget that birthdays are the perfect occasion of celebrating years of achievements, success and happy moments.

Likewise, in order to relive the priceless moments, it is always great to invite two – three people who have been associated with the birthday boy or girl during different stages of the life for the excellent 50th birthday surprise idea.

He or she will be pleasantly surprised by the special people present. Request the invited guests to speak few words to make the occasion further priceless.

Music Concert 50th Birthday Party Theme

This is among the best birthday party idea that you can scale it up to be a huge party with great entertainment ideas. In this case, create a cool musical theme by decorating your birthday party with some musical items.

For example, you may bring in musical instruments like saxophone, trumpet, cello, violin, guitar, drums or even an organ. You can ask some friends who are able to play them and make a jazz or rock music.

It is much better if you have someone who can sing too. If budget is less of a constraint, you can also hire a music band to make your birthday party even more amazing. Certainly, all the invited guests can enjoy this music concert and a bigger space has to be planned for to make the atmosphere even more festive. A music concert is also an awesome bachelor party theme to consider if you need to plan something for a groom to be!

No Sugar Birthday Party Idea

When the birthday boy or girl is reaching 50 years old, then it is even more important to take care of health and protect themselves from common ailments like diabetes.

If you want to plan a special 50th birthday party idea with old friends, then you can use no sugar birthday party concept. In this creative party, the food and drinks served will have little or no sugar. Food ideas include tasty salad and sugar free cake

This will be the healthiest birthday party ever with good and healthy foods. What is the value of it? You will get a chance to live longer and spend more quality time with your beloved family and friends.

Let The Occasion Has Madness Of Its Own

This is the moment which is synonymous with lots of jokes, fun and frolic and the guests would be expecting the same immensely.

Likewise, you can create few props such as moustache and lips for guests to have a fun birthday party for the birthday recipient.

Women Only Party – 50th Birthday Party Idea For Women

50th Birthday Ideas For Women

If you are planning a birthday party for mom or a lady who is reaching 50 years old, then women only birthday party idea can be a good concept to make your birthday party look different.

In this party, you are not allowed to invite men to join the party but you only invite female friends. This 50th birthday celebration ideas for woman will be really outstanding because it will be a good opportunity to mingle with old friends.

Morning Birthday Party Idea

Great 50th Birthday Ideas

Many birthday parties are held in the evening. But, why you can also make the 50th birthday party different and special by celebrating it in the morning.

Serve delicious breakfast food that include eggs benedicts, pancakes and waffles.

This party will be fabulous and memorable.

Celebrating With the Less Privilege

When the birthday man or woman is reaching this milestone age, why not celebrate the fiftieth birthday party along with some of the less privilege? You can invite some orphans from several foundations to join the party.

Come out with fun birthday games that will keep the children entertained. In addition, include party favors like stationery and toys which the kids can bring back. This party will be the most original party that the birthday recipient can ever have because of the joy that is spread to the under privilege children.

Planning A Fun and Creative Birthday Party

We hope this article has helped you to come out with fun and original ideas to make this milestone age an unforgettable occasion and help you to come out with useful concepts to know how to celebrate the golden 50th birthday.

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