Most Fun (2019) And Cool 30th Birthday Party Ideas

30th Birthday Party Ideas(updated in 2019) Coming out with the best 30th birthday party ideas is important as the birthday boy or girl is embarking on a new decade in the adult life.

Imagine this.

The age of 30 is a big milestone, when turning 30 years old you and your friends are much more comfortable with who they truly are. Most likely, everyone has established their career and may even be on to starting a family.

Your 30s are fun because more people become receptive to even more mature but fun birthday party ideas for adults.

Here is a list of several birthday celebration ideas from for you and your 30-year-old friends that will make it memorable and epic.

Let’s get started!

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Bonfire and Cookout


Check this out:

One perfect weekend evening birthday meal idea for you and your friends may be to have a bonfire in a backyard while cooking hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. This is a really great group activity and cool birthday idea because it is relaxing and everyone will enjoy themselves; no one excluded.

For the 30th birthday party decorations, you can hang some streamers and balloons with the print “30” on them.

This is an easy way to spend a warm summer evening or cool fall night hanging out with your friends while enjoying some drinks and conversation.

Ask others if they can bring a side dish while you provide the drinks and main course. This will ease the burden on you and make everyone feel like they contributed to a special birthday while keeping the cost cheap and planning simple.

Important checklist:
1) Check if any guests have special dietary requirements
2) Large umbrellas to shelter the grill in case of bad weather

Luxurious Party In Hotel


If you are thinking of what to do for your 30 birthday, why splurge a bit and go for a luxurious birthday theme.

An adult reaching this age is a wonderful time of your life and must be celebrated in a special way; ranging from small garden parties in your home to gala celebration at a five star hotel.

If you want an intimate and personal low key event then being at a garden party or other meaningful places on your birthday is the best way of entering into this grown up age. You can plan your party as per the space available in your garden or common space shared with your neighbors for a special at home birthday party idea.

Arrange for grand barbecues, and let cocktails flow to enchant the gathering and get the party moving in the way you want and make your thirtieth birthday the best and happy one.

Zip Line / Obstacle Course Party

Birthdays are the reminders of our presence and those years that end with 0s have special significance in our lives.

How about making your birthday party unforgettable while having some outdoor fun?

If so, you and your friends should consider a zip-line and obstacle course challenge for an adventurous 30th birthday theme. Popular in bigger park areas, you can jump on an obstacle course and scale walls, jump through tires, and rope climb.

Further, they usually have a zip line finish to complete the adventure. This is a fun outing idea if everyone in our group is somewhat athletic. For food ideas, consider bringing a BBQ picnic as the birthday meal idea in a park pavilion afterwards.

If you are also thinking of fun birthday ideas for 16th years old and teens, then this obstacle course is also worth considering!

Important checklist:
1) Check if the operator of the obstacle course serves food and drinks
2) Wet weather program

Escape Room Group Adventure

A relatively new and quickly becoming popular option is Escape Room which is an awesome indoor birthday idea.

Escape Room is an adventure or puzzle game in which a group is locked in a room that they need to escape from within a defined period of time.

In order to escape, the group needs to work together to solve a puzzle which leads to another puzzle that makes this a fun 30th birthday idea.

Escape room scenarios vary and some examples include solving puzzles to break out of a mad scientist laboratory or a prison cell. This is a super fun interactive group activity for all your friends, especially if everyone likes a mental challenge!

Pre-arrange with the Escape room operator to allow a surprise for the birthday boy or girl by doing a cake cutting and birthday singing immediately after the last clue is solved. Ask for dance music to be played as a form of entertainment for the guests.

Escape Room idea is also an awesome birthday idea for teens!

Important checklist:
1) Pricing and availability of the Escape Room operators
2) Program after the Escape Room activity

Romantic Evening 

If you are planning a birthday for your loved one who is entering into the thirtieth year, you can consider a romantic evening that is relaxing and give ample time and opportunity to bond strongly and rediscover how much you care for your loved one or understand how much you are loved.

For a completely personal birthday outing idea, you can visit some exotic location in the country side or revisit a location that has a special meaning for both of you to surprise the recipient and have a wonderful evening together.

One of the best 30th birthday idea is to have just the two of you reminisce all the good things you two have enjoyed together and bring all the sweetness in your mind.

Arrange for a candle light romantic dinner or go to a good restaurant of your choice or even you can plan for a cruise dinner and make the birthday special for both of you for years to come.

Early Morning Hike and Brunch

Maybe you and your friends enjoy hitting the trails? The 30th birthday marks a special occasion in your life and it must be celebrated in a special manner.  If so, why not consider an early morning Saturday or Sunday hike through a nearby national or state park.

Plan ahead of time with plenty of snacks and water, as well as the trail you want to hike.

This is a great and easy way to get some exercise during your birthday, enjoy the outdoors, take some group pictures, and have fun and memorable conversations on the trail.  You also plan some interactive party games which help the guests to know one another even better. Because of the interactive nature, a fantastic hike is also a recommended outdoor bachelor party idea to consider.

Afterwards, head to one of the many local brunch joints to celebrate the group miracle of getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning with mimosas and french toast and you will have a creative 30th birthday idea! A hike is also

Important checklist:
1) Suitable hiking route that caters to the guests
2) Wet weather activities

Era-by-Era Celebration

One of the latest trends in celebrating 30th birthday for a woman is to have an era- by- era birthday party.

Considering having 3 era: from infant to 10 years old, from 11 to 20 and finally from 21 to 30.

Here you will have a good gathering of all those who love her and have a full evening of enjoyable time with the guests. During the party, it is necessary to put a collage of photos and other media covering each stage of her life right from childhood to the present days.

This birthday idea for her will kindle all the good times you had with all your loved ones and this type of reunion and remembering good old times is so special that neither you nor those present in the party can forget forever.

For the party decorating ideas, you can place all the dolls, toys and other playthings she has been using from the days of her childhood to add more to your thirtieth birthday party.

The beauty of this birthday concept is the flexibility, whether it is awesome birthday ideas for 60 years old or older, you can adopt accordingly and put a smile to the birthday recipient! The cost is also relatively cheap to plan as the activities and decorations are DIY and inexpensive.

Important checklist:
1) Collection of different photos to make the collage
2) Childhood items for display

Craft Beer Brewing Party

The 30th birthday is a special reminder that we are neither a teenager nor a young adult anymore. Nonetheless, regardless of age, many people especially men enjoy drinking.

Craft beer is all the rage today, especially among thirty year old males.  If you and a group of friends are looking to try something new, manly, and a lot of fun for a birthday bash, head on over to your local craft brewery that lets you brew your own beer.

This is a fun and interactive activity as everyone has a chance to learn more about how beer is made, and participate in crafting a unique brew.  After you’re done, for food ideas, grab some bar food and catch a game with all your buddies. Definitely among the most awesome and fun 30th birthday party ideas for men!

In countries which 18 years old is the drinking age limit, this craft your beer birthday theme is also a cool birthday idea for 18 years old.

Important checklist:
1) Convenient located bar that serves craft beer
2) Games to play at the bar

Birthday Getaway

On your 30 birthday it is a right idea to plan a birthday getaway and you can take a much wanted vacation starting from your birthday and rejuvenate your mind and body with the starting of the next milestone in your life.

Decide to have a wonderful fun filled outing idea with your close friends and family and you will enjoy more if you reach an exotic getaway be it your favorite beach or an awe-inspiring mountain hike. This celebration idea is going to add more to your excitement and joy of being at a place with all those who love you at your favorite place.

Feed the adventurist inside you by deciding to celebrate your 30 bday at a remote camping location and do not forget to invite the special people in your lives.  Even the outdoor camping site can be your very own unique birthday venue by putting up colorful streamers and other DIY decoration ideas by using the tree branches to hang the decorating items.

You will love the flow of adrenaline in your nerves and at the same time can have very quality time with all those who have decided to come with you and be a part of your camping adventure with hiking, or canoeing or going on waterskiing rides. We have also included a yacht outing as one of the best bachelorette party ideas.

Boutique Hotel Dinner and Drinks

Do you and your friends like to roll out in style?  Check out one of your city’s local upscale boutique hotels.  These are recently becoming the hot new thing to check out in major cities.  These boutique hotels are independently operated, usually with a niche theme and focus on delivering impeccable customer service for their guests.

If you want to keep the birthday party small, you will likely have the option to scale it down as the hotels have flexible arrangements.

Most of these hotels have upscale restaurants and a bar.  Enjoy a night out with your friends and significant others, dress up, and have a nice dinner and drinks to celebrate a great birthday indoor!

If you are planning for a female and thinking of the best 30th birthday celebration idea for her, do arrange for her to doll up herself with a manicure treatment and makeup session before the birthday party!

Important checklist:
1) Boutique hotel that is conveniently located
2) Reservation at the restaurant and bar

The Bottom Line

Think of novel and special ways of celebrate someone turning 30 as it is one of the most important landmarks in your life.

Look around and you can find numerous 30th birthday ideas and themes and you can select the one that strikes more chords in your mind and you will be on your way of getting more happiness, joy and excitement during the day that is going to be a special one in your memory for years to come.

We hope you found some of those birthday bash ideas fun for you and your 30 year old friends, husband, wife or beloved. Being in the 30s is also the time when you plan a family and consider gender announcement ideas in future!

As a bonus tip, if you want to show your creative side, check out for custom 30th birthday invitations.  You can have them tailored to whichever specific event you choose to do, order them, and then mail them to your friends.  This is a fun way to add some class and creativity that will get everyone excited for the upcoming birthday bash!

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