Most Fun (2017) And Cute First Birthday Party Ideas

first-birthday-ideas(updated in 2017) Coming out with first birthday ideas for your baby is highly significant because it is an important milestone. Therefore the celebration should be memorable and not too tricky to get ready, after all, you have a toddler wanting all of your attention!

After welcoming the arrival of a child, it will not be long before you realise that the 1st birthday of your child is approaching. Inevitably, you will start thinking about the most interesting ideas and themes of the party you plan to throw for the kid.

Then you become aware of the fact that you actually do not have so many ideas. And we certainly do not blame you. Baby’s first birthday is key moment lifetime event, so keep up and get inspired by the ideas from BirthdayDino!

Camp Party


Your baby will love this camp party which is a suitable boy’s first birthday idea! For every parent, the most important thing is the birthday baby to have fun along with all the other toddlers, so this camp party will the perfect one to make the babies relax and play around!

All you need is creativity and a cute improvised tent in your indoor living room. Use a big blanket, some chairs and pillow, get a throwback from your own childhood, and that’s it, the perfect playground for the small ones is ready!

If the birthday falls on a summer, you can consider planning the party outdoor in your backyard, just ensure there is sufficient shade for the toddlers.

For their parents just make cute cupcakes and muffins with berries, everyone would love it.

Important Checklist:

1) Child proofing the camp play area by ensuring no sharp corners and sufficient cushion
2) Toys and playthings to keep the babies engaged

Disney Princess

It might sound a bit cliché, but your little princess will love it if you are celebrating for your baby girl! After all, she will be officially a princess today. We know you only want to show the world how happy you and your baby are, and how beautiful your baby girl is and a princess first birthday an awesome idea!

A cute dress, tiny tiara and a gorgeous fluffy white cake, that’s all you need to make your baby feel the most important person on earth in this special day.

Do not forget to announce to the guests that you have a big Disney themed party coming – send out colourful Disney themed invitation cards to invite them to this happy celebration that is also the ideal first birthday ideas for girls!

Suitable 1st birthday party places where you can have the event include the nearest amusement park that has a castle building in it or have a castle like décor at a hotel function room.

Important Checklist:
1) Princess accessories for small kids
2) Disney themed invitation cards, electronic or physical

Balloon Party

Everybody loves balloons and there cannot be any party without them, especially if the event is for kids. But a party that includes balloons is a perfect birthday theme for 1 year old toddlers or gender reveal party ideas.

A creative 1st birthday party idea for boys, the leading theme of the event could be called growing up and going up, literally. You should not find it difficult to arrange everything since the only thing you need is a lot of balloons. If you add various colored balloons, you can also create a rainbow themed party.

You buy can also be with a balloon-picture cake. We are sure your baby boy will have the widest laugh once he sees a bunch of flying balloons everywhere. Hence, go the nearest mall and buy balloons in various colours and make your little guy happy.

If your budget permits, a tip is to hire a balloon sculptor who can create attractive balloon decoration at the birthday venue. In addition, the sculptor can twist out balloon sculptures including famous cute cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Elmo – the kids present will surely be extremely happy with these activities!

Important Checklist:
1) Air-pumps to inflate the balloons efficiently
2) Affordable balloon sculptor to decorate the venue beforehand and also during the event for live balloon sculpting

Animals Everywhere

All the kids love animals, and a birthday party is one more opportunity to make your toddler happier with this party theme that incorporates cute animals all around the house.

For the food ideas, make kitty cupcakes, animal shaped cookies and do not forget to decorate the house with nice plushies.

For more happiness in the house, come out with fun activities and games like printing some coloring pages with animals so kids can let their imagination free with this fun 1st birthday party idea! Be creative and add a wide array of cute ideas like unicorns, monkeys, Mickey Mouse and many more.

Important Checklist:
1) Animal theme birthday party decorations
2) Printed pictures for kids to color on

One Year Flash

The starting year of your baby’s life is really flying by quickly, so all of us try to make as many pictures as possible, just to track these big and fast changes, and now, it is finally the time to show them to all the world!

Print the pictures of your little baby and make a timeline of the growth, how he or she made the first steps, along with pictures of their cute faces. These pictures also double up is the first birthday centerpiece!

What can be better than a party that is all about your kid? Everyone will love it.

Important Checklist:
1) Select a variety of pictures with the baby in different cute postures
2) Hang or paste the pictures in a prominent location

At Tiffany’s Birthday Party

Sometimes all a girl wants, is something about Audrey Hepburn.

A chic dress, lot of style and nice jewellery. It combines the best things in the world- food and chic, and this party can become the most classy party ever, that your girl will look at many years after and will thank you for this unique first birthday party idea!

If budget is less of a concern, appropriate indoor party places where you can hold this birthday theme include plush hotel ballrooms or posh country clubs.

The Sesame Street Party

Generations of kids have grown up with the legendary Sesame Street and it will definitively never get old or not fancy.

Many young boys love Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Elmo and that is why these characters are cute first birthday theme ideas for a baby boy.

You can order an Elmo cake and decorate everything with characters from the show.

Turning paper lanterns and cups into Kermit or Oscar can be easily done with a few easy tips you can find on the Internet.

And if you really want this party to rock try hiring professional puppeteers that can perform a cool Sesame Street show for entertainment!

Important Checklist:
1) Beautiful Sesame Street cake, choose a 3D version for an even better decoration
2) Affordable puppeteers who can give a short Sesame Street performance to entertain all the guests

Pink Party – Girls’ Favourite

One of the most popular girly colours is undoubtedly pink. Whenever parents want to emphasize that their baby is, at the matter of fact a girl, they buy something pink.

That is why using pink as the focus is a great 1st birthday party theme for girl in most cases the best choice of celebration idea. You probably get the overall idea of a party – everything should be coloured in pink. Hence, you can arrange a sweet dessert table filled with pink details, from napkins to balloons, candles and even muffins.

The first birthday centrepiece can be a beautiful rose-covered cake in the middle of a table, and your girl should wear a pink dress. Since the main theme of the party is the pink colour, you can go as far as you want with other details.

For instance, there are very cute pink ribbons that can be used to decorate a dessert table. Just use your imagination, and the party of your 1-year-old princess will be perfect. A pink theme is also an apt 16th birthday party ideas for girls.

Important Checklist:
1) Pink decorating items, include some neutral color decorations like white balloons
2) Door gifts like pink colored sweets that children will like

Cars Birthday Theme

We are sure your baby boy loved the famous cartoon “Cars” and loves cars in general, so why not throw a party about that which is among the best first birthday party ideas for boys?

Car stickers, real cars toys, couple of big car shaped balloons are the ideal 1st birthday party decorations. The other thing that could make it better is a car-bed that will be an awesome idea for the birthday gift.

Car related theme can also be used for 18th birthday party ideas for guys or related age range like tween birthday party ideas.

Important Checklist:
1) A variety of car themed birthday decorations
2) Gifts like toy cars or stickers for the other children at the party

Floral Party – Easy To Organize And Provides You With Excellent Photos

Having in mind that the first birthday party of your beloved baby girl is a special event, as a parent you want to make it look well-organized and beautiful.

And if you have issues with thinking of a nice theme for the event, perhaps a good solution would be to organize a simple birthday party. It is surely a classic, and you cannot make a mistake with a floral theme.

All you need are flowers strategically placed around the birthday venue where the celebration is to occur. But, of course, you do not want it to be too much of flowers everywhere.

Hence, you can, for instance, have a cake decorated with a single flower in the centre, and small flower bouquets can be placed in several places in the room, on the dessert table, near the door, on every guest chair or even on a cupboard.

You can also have flower filled push pops that will shower your baby once the celebration starts. The birthday girl can wear a beautiful white or light pink dress and have a flower in her hair.

This theme party will surely bring happy moments and a lot of joy, but once you see the photos, you will be more than thrilled because flowers and your baby girl are the most beautiful combination.

The beauty of floral theme is that it is a suitable idea for ladies of various age range, whether you are thinking of 30th birthday celebration ideas for her or 60th birthday party ideas for mom, this timeless birthday theme works pretty well!

Important Checklist:
1) Flower bouquets with different colors to enliven the birthday venue
2) Flower accessories for the guests

The Animal Farm Party

Kids love animals, and using them as inspiration for a party will be a jackpot.

The animal farm party can be arranged for both boys and/or girls, you can only perhaps pick different animals. All you need are some cool decorations in shape of horses, cows, piggies and other farm creatures which you should be able to find without problems.

In terms of the food ideas, you can also make cookies in similar shapes and of course the cake simply can be in a form of a barn with a horse or something similar. It does not have to be anything complex, on the contrary, just pay attention to the small details and make sure everything resembles some aspect of living on a farm.

Maybe you can even dress yourselves in a creative manner like farmers! The beauty of this first birthday idea is the flexibility – if budget is a constraint, you can keep the cost of planning cheap by having more DIY décor and keeping the scale of the party small and easy. You can also hold the party outdoor in your own backyard!

Important Checklist:
1) An assortment of animals decorative items
2) Food in shape of animals (for example cupcakes, cookies)

Milk and Cookies Party

If you are up for a small but unique birthday party for you son or daughter, then the milk and cookies party will be an easy choice.

The 1-year-old kids are still in development and need to be fed properly.

Milk and cookies are healthy and delicious food ideas and most of the kids simply adore them!

So buy a few litres of milk and make or purchase assorted various cookies and you will soon be a witness of an amazingly simple first birthday party everybody will enjoy.

The advantage of this type of party is that it is cheap to plan, but yet the food is tasty enough for people to relish. Add fun and creative activities to celebrate this occasion by asking the guests to decorate the cookies with chocolate chips and colourful sugar sprinkles.

Important Checklist:
1) Recipe of cookies suitable for children
2) A choice of lactose free milk if there are guests with special dietary requirements

The Bottom Line

one-year-old-birthday-partyBeing a parent of a 1-year-old baby means a lot of things. It means that you have spent 365 wonderful days, filled with joy, love and excitement. Your newborn has made you the happiest person alive, and every new moment spent with your baby is a precious a moment which you enjoy.

We hope we can help you be even happier with our birthday ideas above that you can use for when you organize your child’s party celebration.

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